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Just Enjoy the Movie

The podcast where we REFUSE to simply enjoy the movie and instead pull flawed films apart and put them back together into something better.

Hosted by Chris Trebaol and Owen Thayer.

Feb 21, 2018

To mix things up, Chris and Owen watch a film they actually enjoy. Mad Max is a perfect movie and we will defend that claim to the grave.

Mad Max: Fury Road is directed by George Miller, written by George Miller, Brendan McCarthy & Nick Lathouris, and stars Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, and our boy Tom Hardy, who...

Feb 14, 2018

See what all the fuss is about the latest entry in the Cloverfield "franchise." Does it deserve the hate, or are there hidden merits in this direct-to-Netflix movie that probably never needed to exist in the first place.

The Cloverfield Paradox is directed by Julius Onah, was written by Oren Uziel and Doug Jung, and...

Feb 6, 2018

In their arbitrarily determined Season 2 premiere, Chris and Owen take on their biggest challenge yet: parsing out a coherent story from the George Lucas nostalgia fever dream that is Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Sallah was wise to stay away.

IJatKotCS (I'm tired of typing that name out) is directed by Steven...